Danbi Jeung

Danbi Jeung was born in 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. She studied musical instrumental- and electronic composition in Seoul and Hanover (Germany). Since 2019, she has been studying composition and sound art at the University of Music Karlsruhe and HfM Mainz.

Her works have been performed and exhibited by various ensembles and in several places such as Ensemble Harmony, Trio Surplus, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Ensemble in Seoul, Karlsruhe, Bremen, Lüneburg, Hanover, and Fulda, etc. In her work, she deals with the combination of sounds, plays, and text, and uses new scene phenomena.

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Anahita Ghasemi Nasab

Born and raised in Ahwaz, Iran, the grounding for her work lies in the deep understanding of the sonic aspects of language, human speech, and the possibility of inducing visual perception through aural data. As an artist, she is interested in walking between the line of extreme and subtle. The subtle can carry extreme messages and the extreme can have subtle nuances.

Her walking this line is in many cases meant literal. She’s using herself as a subject to explore the individual suffering of humans and how to overcome it. Given her musical background, sound has been for a long time not only her primary but my only media. Recently she has reached a point where she started to feel the need to use visual aspects like photos, videos, and live performances as complementary layers in her projects.

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Juan David Bermúdez Dávila

Juan David Bermúdez is a Colombian sound artist, composer, and music producer. His work as an artist revolves around the relationships between sound, space, and time and how to experience existence through sound. Juan David has a Music bachelor degree with emphasis on Sound engineering from the Javeriana University, finishing his studies with academic honors in 2018. His sound installations have been exhibited in Matik-Matik, Biblioparque Marqués de San Jorge, Javeriana University and Espacio Odeón. Since 2018, he has been part of the experimental music ensembles Time Canvases and Indemo that perform and compose music in non-conventional settings, hoping to create experiences in which the music becomes part of everyday situations. Nowadays he is studying a M.mus in sound art composition at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz under the tutoring of Peter Kiefer, Stefan Fricke and Andres Bosshard.

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Wingel Mendoza

Wingel Pérez Mendoza was born in Mexico City (1982). He got the Trinity College Bachelor degree in composition in 2009, later he studied at Rotterdam Conservatory with Robin de Raaff (composition Professor) and Rene Uijlenhoet (Electronic music Professor) in The Netherlands in which he got the Master degree in composition in 2014. Later, he studied his Meisterklasse Komposition in the Hochschule für Musik Würzburg in Germany with Professor Robert HP Platz. He is studied the Master's program Klangkunst Komposition in the Hochschule für Musik Mainz with Prof. Peter Kiefer and Prof. Ancke Exckardt.

For Wingel, the sound is a material that is made not only by sonic energy, but it is made with images, memories, lights, movements, actions like touching, thinking. Therefore, my personal interest as a composer and sound artist is to expand the context of sound interacting with external sources such as electronic means (live electronics, video, space [sound environment and the interaction with nature], image, movement, sensors) and also the interaction with other arts such as dance and/or Theatre, in order to create new possibilities and new ways of perception. Moreover, I improvise and perform with different devices (digital and analog) as a part of sound practice. Finally, as an exploration, I create my own analog devices or digital instruments in order to find new sources of sounds.

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Leon Senger

Leon Senger is a drummer, improvisor and sound artist. In 2020 he finished his Bachelor studies in Jazz & Pop Music at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem (NL). There he discovered his affinity with improvised music and research into sounds in his lessons with Etienne Nillesen among others. Probably equally important was the opportunity to follow a 2-year Honours Programme next to the Bachelor degree that focused on artistic research in the interdisciplinary environment at ArtEZ. After graduating, Leon focused on developing an electroacoustic solo performance based on the feedback tones of an amplified resonating drum. Since October of 2021 he has been following the Master Klangkunst-Komposition at HfM Mainz. Here he is currently investigating the sounds of drawing and painting and what aspects of these artistic expressions lay in their sonic qualities that do not completely show in their visual products.

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