Wingel Mendoza

Wingel Pérez Mendoza was born in Mexico City (1982). He got the Trinity College Bachelor degree in composition in 2009, later he studied at Rotterdam Conservatory with Robin de Raaff (composition Professor) and Rene Uijlenhoet (Electronic music Professor) in The Netherlands in which he got the Master degree in composition in 2014. Later, he studied his Meisterklasse Komposition in the Hochschule für Musik Würzburg in Germany with Professor Robert HP Platz. He is studied the Master's program Klangkunst Komposition in the Hochschule für Musik Mainz with Prof. Peter Kiefer and Prof. Ancke Exckardt.

For Wingel, the sound is a material that is made not only by sonic energy, but it is made with images, memories, lights, movements, actions like touching, thinking. Therefore, my personal interest as a composer and sound artist is to expand the context of sound interacting with external sources such as electronic means (live electronics, video, space [sound environment and the interaction with nature], image, movement, sensors) and also the interaction with other arts such as dance and/or Theatre, in order to create new possibilities and new ways of perception. Moreover, I improvise and perform with different devices (digital and analog) as a part of sound practice. Finally, as an exploration, I create my own analog devices or digital instruments in order to find new sources of sounds.

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