Ketevan Dolnikova-Hahn

Ketevan Dolnikova-Hahn is a Georgian-Russian sound artist, composer and musician. She studied linguistics in Moscow and sound art and composition in Mainz with Professor Peter Kiefer.
Under the pseudonym Ketty van Doln she is known as a singer and performer in the electronic music scene.

Most recently she exhibited at the festival OPENING 2021 Klanglinie Trier in the Galerie Netzwerk in Trier in July/ August as a sound art alumni and part of the Mainz exhibition project.
Dreams become numbers (2021)
forms, stamp, sound composition, performance
In her sculptural sound installation "Dreams become numbers" Ketevan Dolnikova-Hahn deals with the wishes and dreams of people that are restricted or prevented by machine-like bureaucracy.
The sound installation consists of several objects that interlock in terms of content.
interlock with each other. The wishes and dreams of people are
symbolized by shredded forms and official applications,
which are deposited on a pile. A collage is stamped on one wall, referring to the origins of the wishes and dreams. The sound recordings made while stamping and destroying the quasi-official papers are combined and played in a composition.

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