Hyunju Oh

Hyunju Oh [*1988 in Daegu, South Korea] studied painting, media art, and experimental art. Currently, she studies Sound Art Composition of the "Meisterschüler"-program (3rd cycle Bologna) at Mainz School of Music.
On February 16, 2022, she successfully passed her examination as a master student. Congratulations and good luck for the further artistic career.

She has exhibited numerous times in Germany, including Morat Institute Freiburg, Singen Art Museum, etc. She has received several competitions and grants, among others from ZK/U Berlin, State Government Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and Arts Council Korea.

Her works are carried out not only by installations of simple sound objects but also by utilizing the theatrical radio drama and performative sounds. Through the interplay between an object with allegorical meaning and time-based sound, she experiments with transformation in space and perception.

Hyunju Oh lives and works in Mainz.

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