Kaspar König

Foto: Kapsar König

Kaspar König was born in Maastricht (NL) in 1975.
He studied Industrial Design at the UdK in Berlin and opened an
Autonomous Artspace in Maastricht (ARM). Attracted to the soundart
culture and his sonic-designs he decided to study the Master Sound-Art
Composition at HfM in Mainz. After many international shows and
exhibitions aswell as awardwinning Animation-filmscores he lectures at
the Department for Music and transdisciplinarity at the University of
the arts of Zürich. In 2017 he teached at HfM Mainz in soundart composition

His artworks advocates „creating momentum for social and environmental
sense and transformation“ in the realm of design and soundart. This
includes engineering Instruments and making music with Wind, Wood and
Mycel. He is based in Zürich and is developing an gathering space for
Soundart & environment in the ALPS (EAR)
Also he is boardmember in the non-profits called Urban Street Forest
(Amsterdam), Recreazzz (Zürich) and TicTac (Havanna)

his websites:

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