Juan David Bermúdez Dávila

Juan David Bermúdez is a Colombian sound artist, composer, and music producer. His work as an artist revolves around the relationships between sound, space, and time and how to experience existence through sound. Juan David has a Music bachelor degree with emphasis on Sound engineering from the Javeriana University, finishing his studies with academic honors in 2018. His sound installations have been exhibited in Matik-Matik, Biblioparque Marqués de San Jorge, Javeriana University and Espacio Odeón. Since 2018, he has been part of the experimental music ensembles Time Canvases and Indemo that perform and compose music in non-conventional settings, hoping to create experiences in which the music becomes part of everyday situations. Nowadays he is studying a M.mus in sound art composition at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz under the tutoring of Peter Kiefer, Stefan Fricke and Andres Bosshard.

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